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August 07 2017

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And we could run away
Before the light of day
You know we always could
The mountains say, the mountains say

August 06 2017

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O L D E R   N O C T I S  -  G R A P H I C S

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kindly adjust

symmetra <3 a small thing for the love of my life

deviantart || twitter || instagram

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my darling dear

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C‘mon. Come say hi.
(scoffs) That’s all right.


when you really want to kill an enemy in dishonored but you’re going for the clean hands achievement 

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And what shall become of such men– who treat their daughters and wives 

no better than their hounds?

Dogs and witches~ Doing lots of ink lately!

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 I am a Stark. I will always be a Stark.

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gency doodle

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Celica’s squad is best squad 

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mass effect andromeda + blue
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♛House Stark : 5 Days

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Art raffle winner request for @djkaeru​ who asked for Outsider from the Dishonored series, a game I need to pick up asap orz. Thank you very much for your support everyone! I’m truly overwhelmed with feels and humbled, some donators were generous beyond belief ;-; ❤ I wish I could draw for every single one of you. And I probably will at some point! 

Buy me a coffee. Help me reach my goal for August and you can participate in the 2nd art raffle which ends on July 30th, that’s tomorrow midnight!  

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Twitter dump!

Patreon | Twitter

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paint me like one of your french girls. 

these quests… i’m dying…

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Corvo and Jessamine, Corvo and the Heart.

requested by: @sheikahrune @grumpy-jedi

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i feel so dumb and embarrassed after expressing any emotion

August 05 2017

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I dunno … i don’t want it to be done.

Oh i know - i’ll make another O3O

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